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Garbage Collection Schedule

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Woodland Drive & North
Indian Springs
Secor Ave
Clark Street to J Street & East
North & South Golf Course Road
Country Club Heights
Sage Drive
Fairway Subdivision
Bear Creek
West of Anderson Drive - West I
Anderson Drive
Greenfield Estates
John K. Hanson Drive
935 Hwy 69 South
Highway 69
Anderson Drive
Everything North of J Street (Includes West Side of Clark, Except J Street West of Wilton Manor)
North & South Side of J Street
West of Best Street
Wilton Manor


Dumpster Regulations

Dumpsters Are For Construction Materials Only

  1. Time Limit:  Dumpster may be kept up to one week unless prior approval is given.
  2. Charges:
    1. $25.76 per dump (each time)
    2. $34.39 per dump (shingles only), prior approval needed.
    3. $25.76 minimum charge – if dumpster is not used.
    4. $5.00 per day charge for overextending time limit.
  3. The following cannot be placed in dumpsters: Rocks, cement, bricks, leaves, branches, grass, paint, chemicals, oil, batteries or cardboard.  Also, tires and appliances are not allowed, but will be picked up at a separate fee.
  4. Appliances: Must be kept separate. There is a charge of $17.94 per appliance.
  5. Tires
    $5.98 Each - Car
    $11.96 Each - Truck
    $23.92 Each - Tractor
  6. Cardboard: No cardboard – must be recycled.
  7. Placement of Dumpster:  For commercial use dumpster must be kept on level, concrete surface.  For residential use dumpster must be pushed to the street to enable the Sanitation Department to back up and hook up to it.
  8. Load Limit: Do not over-load dumpsters.  Shingles and heavy materials should be loaded to just below the top of the dumpster bin.
  9. Dumps/Pickups: Call City Hall (641) 585-3574 by 10:00 a.m. of the day that you want the dumpster dumped and/or when you are finished with the dumpster.

Construction Materials

Includes items such as:  Windows, siding, shingles, sheetrock, tile, carpet and lumber.

Mike O'Rourke, Street & Sanitation Superintendent, must first approve dumpsters issued out for any purpose other than construction.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call Supt. Mike O'Rourke at his shop number (641) 585-2829 or City Hall (641) 585-3574.

Roll Off Dumpsters – Refer to Mike O'Rourke for Information.

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